Skilled work for serious projects

Software Architect, 30+ years experience

  • Healthy respect for software risk
  • Significant familiarity with technology options
  • An understanding that QA is essential
  • Team building skills and teamwork instincts
  • Over 15 years of agile project management
  • Onshore/offshore tech oversight
Gunnar carries with him strong technical attributes as well as a very high degree of character and integrity. Ralph Riddle, Managing Member at IT TechDirect
Gunnar worked on the redevelopment of our patient portal. He is a great project manager, able to understand the technical aspects and also translate those requirements into layman's terms. He was quick and efficient in his work, willing to go above and beyond to get work done. The finished product was well received by senior management and portal users. Julie Neale-Taylor, Erickson Living
Gunnar can take on the most complex and simplify the solution where it is much more manageable. Gunnar was our go to guy when it came to complex technical issues that needed solutions. Kerry Mickelson, NPR
Gunnar is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable software designer and leader. He is able to strike just the right balance between practicality and theory. I strongly recommend Gunnar as a designer, implementer, and team leader Jim Nash, MBB, PMP, HMLA, Technical Director at Foliage
Gunnar provided strong technical leadership in the development of a server/client order manaufacturing information support system. Gunnar developed innovative solutions in solving problems with the integration between functional applications. He also provided sound leadership over the technical team responsible for the software architecture, development, and test John Fattaleh, ARINC
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